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Vince was a youth ministry kid--he still is!  It all started on an 8th Grade Retreat in 1981.  His professional career in youth ministry began in 1990.  He remains a busy, reliable, and trusted youth worker and musician today in 2018!  READ MORE...



Vince has self-produced four CDs and has been published and distributed by Oregon Catholic Press through He travels the United States and Canada doing parish concerts, youth rallies, regional and national conferences, young adult gatherings, faith formation events, and Catholic school activities. His specialty is blending a variety of music styles that capture and celebrate the diverse Church we are; not to mention his uncanny and captivating ability to tell a story.  Vince has been an official World Youth Day Musician in Toronto, Canada '02, Cologne, Germany '05, and Sydney, Australia '08. He has been called "The Banana Guy" because of a song called I Like Bananas he made popular all over the United States.  And since high school, he was called the "The Roamin'Catholic" because of JESUS stickers he had all over his car. Naturally, he continues to roam from place to place sharing faith and doing ministry!


Vince is invited to dioceses, parishes, schools and other environments as a keynote speaker and presenter.  He delivers bold, Christ-centered messages that challenge people of all ages to move toward Christ and live life uncontrolled by this world and its values, and even more importantly, grounded in the Truth.  He's a dynamic story-teller who pays attention to the way God works in and through our day-to-day experiences.  He only tells true stories!  People find themselves drawn into his down-to-earth accounts of everyday things where he sees the Lord's activity.  You will laugh, cry, wonder, sing and pray during his keynotes.   



In addition to travel ministry, Vince has always worked in pastoral and academic settings.  Some of his former positions include The Asst. Director of Liturgy, Prayer, and Faith Formation at Saint Mary's College of California, the Director of Recruitment at the Franciscan School of Theology in California, the Director of the Newman Catholic Center (Davis, CA), and the Diocesan Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry for the Diocese of San Jose, CA.  He has directed choirs and led over twenty-five Confirmation and RCIA groups.  He has worked in a wide range of pastoral environments and celebrates twenty-seven years of serving the Church and her young people.  He has been employed at numerous and diverse parishes throughout the Archdiocese of San Francisco, the Diocese of San Jose, and the Diocese of Oakland.  He is a seasoned parish youth minister and confirmation director, summer camp founder/director, and retreat facilitator.   He has worked with Bishops, pastoral and school staffs, team environments, and, of course, YOUNG PEOPLE; lots and lots of young people!



  • Keynoting & Conference Music

  • Community Building

  • Concerts (for all ages and families)

  • Retreat Facilitation

  • All-school Rallies

  • Leadership Training

  • Parish Missions

  • Liturgies

  • Summer Camps

  • Adult Faith Formation/RCIA Presentations






Vince went to St. Mary's College of California, a Christian Brothers school rooted in the LaSallian tradition. He received a BA in Religious Studies there. He was also trained and certified by the Center for Ministry Development in the National Certificate Program. Vince earned a Master's in Theological Studies degree from the Franciscan School of Theology rooted in the Intellectual Tradition and Social Project of St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi.  His area of study focused on Media & Spirituality.

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