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VINCE NIMS  the Roamin'Catholic


Nims  Note:

01. Your Grace


02. Live This Life


03. My Hope


August presents a huge pool of mixed blessings.  Summer months offer a different kind of break from the normal routines of life.  Some people and families take a vacation or time off.  People try to relax.  And, then, kids go back to school--it's happy and sad!  The grind revs back up too!  Those amazing moments of relaxation end up being far and fewer...till next time!  May the Lord bless us with the grace to seek moments of calm, peace, and prayer! 

Family man, musician, retreat leader, youth minister, presenter, recording artist. 

Yes, you've come to the right place to connect with 

the Roamin'Catholic Banana Guy!

You can listen to or buy music and other products here, and also learn more about what Vince does and what's going on the life of this long-time friend of

Catholic youth and pastoral work.

Vince has tons of music!  Take a quick listen  to some tunes of his.  You can shop later if you like...

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